There are a lot of questions in people’s mind as what is New Normal? What will happen when the Lockdown is lifted? basically what is Life after Lockdown? Everyone is talking about the new normal that would happen to post the lockdown. As still there are Covid-19 cases that are getting discovered every day. So Are we ready to accept this New Normal?

As many countries are trying to get back to the normal but due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, everything is like stubborn. It’s more than 7 months when china informed to have few cases in Wuhan but still, the medical experts are battling for coronavirus vaccine.

In Conclusion, let’s ready to start a new way of living to protect Us, Our Family, Our Community to enable the economy of our country.

Before that will get to know about the new normal.

What Is The New Normal?

For Kids – No school or day care. Lets play at home, study and learn online.

For Office Goers – Most will work from home or the social distancing will follow in offices. In that case, most of the meetings will happen virtually. Frequent hand sanitizing and strictly mask-wearing.

For Shopping – Social distancing will be followed everywhere. From getting outside from your house, entering a mall to getting back to your home. New normal can include individual shopping, not in groups.

However, the individuals and especially the new generation will prefer online shopping portals. That case, the older generation should learn how to purchase or order online?

Payment Mode – Mostly Online payments will be preferred. No exchange of currency or paper notes.

online payment by using cards or virtual money

Events & Social Meet-Ups – People will prefer to join those gatherings virtually. In this pandemic, Large gathering will be banned. Weddings and Parties will be treated as small family events.

No handshakes, greet with NAMASTE! 🙏

Provide Contact details while entering the public gatherings or establishments.

Wearing a mask will be mandatory in public places

Frequent body temperature checkups when you will enter the public places.

No group classes like group dance practices, zumba classes.

Eating outside or Street food will be limited.
Avoid street food in this pandemic
Indian Street Food

Step of only when its necessary and Also avoid the community swimming pools.

Most importantly, disinfect every purchase while entering the house. And sanitize the place frequently.

However, most of the people will avoid the maids and cooks or wearing masks and gloves will be mandatory to them.

maids or cooks safety measures

In other words, Life will be more into the spending quality time with your family, we were always cribbing before the pandemic.

Travel – After the pandemic, Public transport will be avoided. International travel can be restricted but the domestic flights will be resumed. Taxis will be fitter with the rear separators. As a Results, the passengers will be only allowed on the rear seats. Also the shared cabs, vehicles, bicycles will be sanitized after every ride.

You Dont Want This NEW NORMAL?

As we know there is no way comprehensive or complete. If we will follow the Government issued guidelines mandatorily, also we will take the safety measures with the thinking of not because ‘I will be corona positive from others but because of me people will not suffer in this pandemic’ then we can definitely avoid this new normal situation.

So think positively! How had you hugged your friends when you met them? went to the parties? enjoyed the outside food? Now bring this suitcase of all the happiness and let’s play our part in making life as Safe and Liveable as possible.

Friends enjoying life after lockdown

I have tried to research and come up with a list of changes. The changes that would happen in the way we live our life. Life even after the Lockdown lifted. Hope this small blog will give you an idea about the New Normal which everyone will have to adapt as the way of living.

Please let me know if you agree with the list that I have provided. If you feel that I have missed on some recommended lifestyle changes, please do comment below. Hope you like my Blog!