As Sifah Beach: The Beautiful Beach Near Muscat City

About a 45 min drive from Muscat city is the gorgeous and very popular Sifah beach which is frequented by the locals and the expats and tourists alike either as a great spot for spending a sunny day or for an overnight camp.

You can drive your car onto the beach. It is nice to be able to run or walk on the beach with your friends. The waters are pretty cool even in the summer and quite clear with good visibility. Waves can get quite big with strong winds so beware.

There is a village very close by and a couple of Glamping spots too so access to basic amenities is possible. There is also the Al Sifah Golf Resort on the other side of the coastline after the village. Safety is good and My family and I have camped here twice without any problems whatsoever.

On Sifah you will find yourself in a natural haven of crystal clear sea, warm golden sands and blue sky against a background of rocky mountains. It is a safe place for camping overnight, starting a bone fire, having a BBQ, swimming, fishing and surfing are a few of the activities you can do in this spot. The road leading to this location is very scenic too. there is a small fort on top of a hill which you can climb to have a great view of the entire beach.

Use your GPS and follow the Qantab road past Al Bustan, stop off at the various roads leading away from the main road, and then treat yourself to a swim at Sifa.

Sifah Beach VLog


SUV is necessary for Sifah?

No, You will only need an SUV if you want to drive down on the soft beach sand otherwise it is accessible by any vehicle.

Al Sifah Is Safe For Night Camping?

Absolutely Yes, Its best for camping, bbq, bone fire with you family and friends.

How Is Sifah For Swimming?

If you love to do snorkelling then Sifah is the good choice. You can definitely swim here. And For fishing its also preferable.

Is there Restrooms on the Sifah Beach?

No, Restrooms are not available on Sifah beach. I will suggest to bring WC chair with you for better experience.

How to reach Sifah Beach from Muscat,Oman?

You can go via Hamriyah or Qantab. If you want to experience an exciting drive then choose hamriyah route. Else via Qantab is also good and safe for a night drive.

Hamriyah Route

Sifah Beach Map –

Address : PO Box 1719, PC 130, Muscat, Oman