The scope of SEO is very broad and have a very bright future. According to Times magazine in digital marketing areas such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Analytics will create more than 1.5 Lakh jobs with a salary range of Rs 4.5-5.5 Lakh by 2022 and in the coming years.

What the SEO person actually works? In short, He/she is an SEO professional who specializes in scholarship and comprehending the algorithms behind search engine results. So that they can help their clients and businesses appear in search.

How to Rank Website?

As being digital marketing professional, it’s still not easy for me to write about the future scope of SEO in the global market and also in India.

Why I am saying this, because many individuals, experts, and professionals working in the SEO industry might disagree with my figures, facts, and salaries mentioned in this blog. But, they surely would agree that SEO should be on the top list of job-seekers and it’s a career of life-long learning.

SEO is taught as part of digital marketing. Many SEO professionals learn skills from classes and certifications. Afterwards, they go on to earn salaries commensurate with their level, job role, and the size of the company they work for.

Most modern SEO professionals are expected to have skills in data analytics, copying, marketing, examination, web content, HTML, link structure, competitor analysis, and keyword research.

The salaries and career paths in SEO with Google becoming smarter and smarter. The demand in this SEO profession is increasing. We have more and more and sophisticated roles coming up in search engine optimization. The level starts from SEO trainee it moves up to analyst, strategist, consultant or manager and now companies even have a CEO, director in SEO.

Qualification and Skills Required in Scope Of SEO

The minimum qualification for becoming an SEO in a good company requires graduation or a diploma course in digital marketing. However, to work in SEO, you don’t need a degree or higher education. In most cases because it’s something that requires a diverse skill set and cannot be defined by the traditional examinations.

SEO is progressive and requires a lot of skills to keep the career growth. Here are just a few skills that are the prerequisite:

  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Sound knowledge of how search engines work
  • Good analytical and logical skills
  • A well-written communication skill
  • Basic knowledge of photo and video editing
  • Basic knowledge of creating presentations and reports
  • Sound knowledge of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • A basic understanding of user experience and customer behaviour in the online world

So let’s have a look of each step or each job role one by one. Before that you should know the SEO myths and don’t fall into these my SEO people

SEO Trainee or Fresher

As you understand, SEO trainee is a big neutral level job. Typically an SEO training is gonna be a fresher and will be working under an SEO manager or strategist. The job would be pretty much procedural or execution-oriented.

Where SEO trainee is gonna work on things like link building, directory submissions, they will track various keyword. The job may be includes SEO metrics weekly, bi-weekly, monthly reports creation, planning free keywords, trying tracking ranks of keywords and etc. kind of jobs.

Salary – Rs.8000 – Rs.15000

Search Engine Marketer

SEM is much broader and incorporates SEO. SEM requires that you learn new skills including Pay Per Click marketing (PPC), advertising, and some customer relationship management, as you will have to work to market to consumers as well as to search engines. While many SEM professionals specialize solely in paid search, you can branch into SEM and SEO to handle both aspects

Salary – Rs.15000 – Rs.30000

SEO Analyst

SEO analytics is a large part of search optimization. In the SEO profession, you are likely very familiar with it. As an SEO analyst, your key responsibilities are using numbers to track the performance of existing initiatives. Where as Identify opportunities for new ones, and generate forecasts and reports based on data.

Salary – Rs.25000 – Rs.35000

SEO Specialist

Optimizing copy and landing pages for search engine optimization. Performing ongoing keyword research including discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities. In addition, researching and implementing content recommendations for SEO success are the basic things you have to know as a Specialist.

Additionly, the responsibilities are like executing tests, collect and analyze data and results, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns. To work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code and many more responsibilities.

Salary – Rs.45000 – Rs.65000

SEO Manager

At first glance, The SEO Manager might not seem that much different from a Marketing Manager. Both have the same goals, which is to drive awareness and sales.

In other words, the SEO Manager has a more technologically driven role, which makes it a far more specialized job. The overall tasks of an SEO Manager would include:

  • Website, social media, and content optimization
  • Managing website content
  • Building and nurturing an online community
  • Negotiating backlinks
  • SEO strategy
  • Campaign organization and planning
  • Website monitoring and user analysis
  • General digital marketing project management
  • Keyword research
  • Market analysis

Salary- Rs.80000 – Rs.125000


Starting your own business allows you to bring your skills as a Search Engine Optimization specialist and offer them to businesses on your own terms.

Unfortunately, your salary can greatly vary depending on your business, your launch, and the services you offer, so there is no one set general salary for those who choose to start a business in SEO or in digital marketing.

However, if you do have something to offer to businesses, prefer to work on a contract basis, or have another reason to launch your own company, starting your own business can be rewarding and profitable in the long term.

Scope of SEO in International Market

The global market is now moving fast with a growing economy and most of the countries and has a bright future in terms of employment generation and business growth.

Companies are now realizing the potential of SEOs for their business and how these professionals can play a crucial role in decision-making.

I am telling you this is just the beginning!

Average SEO salary in global market
Average SEO salary in global market

Most people argue that the SEO field is dying since Google has a love affair with PPC or paid marketing but, actually, that’s not the case. In reality, they work in collaboration. According to the LinkedIn report, SEO/SEM was the hottest skill that got people hired in 2019-2020 worldwide.

Scope of SEO in India

The future of SEO is Safe in India. SEO will stay as a mainstream career choice till individuals will utilize search engines to look. Late examination says that SEO is significant for producing drives, it will stay a significant advertising channel for securing new clients. According to this examination, more organizations will put their promoting financial plan in SEO. This will create more interest for SEO experts in India.

In light of the developing demand of SEO professionals, numerous alumni and website specialists are learning SEO to boost their profession. Indeed, it might turn out to be harder for new individuals to enter an SEO career with restricted abilities. In case if you are considering beginning your career in SEO. It’s an ideal opportunity to make a choice and act now. Always remember that SEO continues to change. You should continue refreshing your insight about SEO, Marketing, Algorithm changes, etc.

Jobs related to SEO in India

The salary paid to SEO proficient in India principally relies upon different variables. The variables are abilities, information, experience, work profile, job, and location. On average fresher, SEO executive salary begins from Rs. 12,000 /month to Rs. 18,000 /month. After that one can also earn more than Rs. 50,000 in next 4 to 5 years of involvement.

Getting abilities like, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and content promoting will assist you with acquiring pay which may go from Rs.50,000.00 to Rs.1.5 lakh /month. It is relying upon your schooling, position, and the company you are working with.

Scope of SEO as a Freelancer

Back in April 2020, when COVID-19 started claiming jobs, most of the SEO professionals received notice that their job may be eliminated in the next few days. After looking for a new job and attending interviews. In conclusion, people dawned on to Full-time SEO freelancing was a real option in this pandemic.

Scope Of SEO in freelancing by Ahrefs


As an SEO, you will earn good money and you will work in a career that is growing quickly with multiple areas for you to branch your career out into. This gives you a unique opportunity to build your career and then branch it into something that is more interesting, or that offers a higher paygrade so that you can continue to grow and improve.