These days in this pandemic people are enjoying the benefits of working from home. According to the survey, 32% of employees are working remotely or home and the number expected to be raised in the next 2 years.


While for busy women who need more flexible routine its good news that work from home is a New Normal. A woman is the keystone of the family. She performs so many roles from daughter, sister, wife, mother to homemaker etc. and fulfils each role perfectly. Some of them choose to continue their career and work while some decide to bid farewell to their career and stay home.

With many working from home options are opening the doors of opportunities. Results aspiring women can revive their career right from home.

Who said women at home cannot multitask? You can very much grow professionally and attend the needs of your family if you set your priorities correctly. Here I am sharing few tips to balance your work life and household to excel in whatever you do.

Tips For Woman Who Choose To Work Remotely

1. Shower and Change Your Clothes –

Take a bath while Working From Home

This may seem only obvious and hygienic, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to convince yourself that it’s better to just jump into work first, before taking a short amount of bath.

I am not suggesting to wear jeans or a skirt, but even a changing last night’s clothes to decent daily wear. The marketing professional like me wants to keep a positive outlook in work from home lifestyle. So I just love to wear leggings or loose skirts and my slippers. And that I don’t have to spend time trying on different outfits every morning,

2. Separate Yourself –

Especially if there are other people around while you’re working, it’s important to separate yourself from unnecessary chats, household work etc.

Firstly, set up a home office with a door that you can close if you need to drown out the noise of your pets, kids or TV to keep sane and remain productive and professional.

3. Set Up a Home Office –

Set up a office while working from home

Although it’s tempting to stay in bed or on your sofa, those who successfully work from home agree that you’re best off setting up a proper set up. If you don’t have a desk, use your dining room table. Besides making you feel like you’re at an “office,” this helps you maintain good posture, avoid distractions, and leave your work behind at the end of the day.

4. Beware Idle Snacking –

A workday provides a strict routine, with eating occasions well-planned out: wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, have a lunch break, come home, eat dinner. When you’re WFH your day isn’t so structured, and you’ve got endless opportunities to take food into your mouth.

To save yourself from eating all day long, it will pay to stick to the same routine you have when you’re in the office. So eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time each day. Also have just one or two healthy snacks between main meals

5. Set a Calendar or Schedule –

Many women who start afresh their career by working from home have one common complaint. They feel their job is taken for granted. Sometimes her husband asks her to prepare some snacks and at times her son calls her to rush to school for some unplanned event.

And most importantly you have to convince your family that your priorities are quite reorganized and you also have to prioritise your work from home. All you have to do to achieve these priorities is to well plan your day. Your wake up time, cooking duration, daily tasks like dropping off kids to school, buy groceries etc. can be planned the previous day itself.

prepare a calendar when remotely work

Google calendar is a best option to plan your virtual meetings, daily tasks, reminder etc.

6. Create a Support System With Your Colleagues –

Talk to colleagues while wfm

When you are working from home you may feel isolated from your office life and especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. Develop a support system of coworkers, friends or family you can chat with online every now and then. Also, call when you need to talk about work-related accomplishment or goals.

7. Close Kitchen Counter Before You Sit For Work –

Most importantly shut your kitchen well before you log-in into your office. This sounds funny but this is the most important tip for women like me who are working from home. Hence plan the day’s menu ahead and get the things ready if you do not have a maid to support.

Also keep your cooking simple, optimal yet sophisticated during working days. For example, Baking is a difficult and time-consuming process. Also cooking fried item is also a lengthy process. If you need any help then you can always ask for help from your husband or kids. After all, supportive family is what every working woman needs.

8. Health Is Wealth –

Firstly, Sitting all day isn’t healthy even if you’re at the office, but working from home means you skip your commute and have fewer reasons to get up from your chair during the day. If you’ve gained an extra hour or two from not commuting, it’s a good opportunity to exercise, either by working out at home or going for a walk outside.

exercise for remotely work

Secondly, many companies are urging employees to stay home in this Covid-19 situation, so you’re likely going to spend a lot of time insight home.Open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible.

Thirdly, give your eyes a rest. Make time during every hour spent on your laptop to close your eyes for a few minutes. Sometimes you can also sprinkle the water on your eyes.

Conclusion –

Working from home is such a good option that has opened huge opportunities for ambitious women. But I know from choosing a correct job, proving yourself capable of working from home to discharging your duties for your beloved family is indeed a very tough task for any woman.

Though most of my friends often find it difficult to manage both ends even after working from home. Don’t get worried, with the given success tips, women of today can easily embrace their bright future even by working from home and can take themselves on a higher position.