As you guys already know, I love to travel. Seeing the world on your own terms is one of the most empowering, exciting experiences that I have ever had so travelling alone is always the best thing to try in.

When travelling with friends, you often troubleshoot travel hiccups together. Can’t find your way around? The solution usually comes by talking it over.

Sitting beach side while travelling alone

I always love to travel with my husband, and we have covered most of the destinations in India and outside India too. But sometimes you want to do something on your own and From August 2019-March 2020 I was living alone in India. In that phase, I had decided to tick my list. And I started to plan for a solo trip.

So Travelling Solo Is A Good Idea?

For me taking a trip on your own means you have to get out of any tricky trip situations by yourself, which can help with problem-solving, dealing with pressure and developing self-belief. 

Solo travel can help you to channel your courage, especially during times of personal growth and change. It can help you to clear your mind, creating some much-needed space to mull over major life decisions that you may need to make.

lets be selfish while travelling alone

Most importantly you will feel like you are completely selfish. Yes, being selfish is the best thing, man. This may be the only context in which selfishness isn’t really a bad thing.

Travelling with others means making a plan with others. To match there timing, there likes and dislikes, tantrums.. oh really!

Checking out local landmarks, museums, restaurants and attractions can be challenging when each traveller has something different in mind.  But what if you could spend each day any way you like? Spending six hours in a single museum, or trekking for miles in drowsy conditions? Plan and Go ahead.

While I love getting around with my friends and family, sometimes I need a bit of “me” time

Here’s to the crazy ones. Travelling alone will teach you to stare at the people around you. Really! You will end up with how people behave while talking, how they eat how they fight too. By observing this thing, you will end up with self satisfaction and you will not regret the decision of ‘Traveling Alone’.

You Meet Interesting People When You Travelling Alone

When you travel with others, you typically stick together. In other words, you’re less likely to wander away from your group. But traveling alone brings something truly valuable to the table – you’ll be more likely to chat with locals, meet new friends and generally be more sociable

Making New friends while travelling alone
  • You will get to know that, its so easy to make new friends.
  • You’ll probably improve your language skills or will learn a new language. 
  • From new friends you will get to know the different culture without visiting that place.

But I will suggest do not stick to the new friends. Just move on and enjoy traveling alone.